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Discover the Top 4 Reasons Why People Choose Sparkoz Over the Competition

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    Increased efficiency:

    The Sparkoz robotic floor scrubber can increase efficiency by completing cleaning tasks faster and more thoroughly than manual cleaning methods, allowing customers to save time reallocate resources.

    Improved cleaning performance:

    The Sparkoz robotic floor scrubber can provide improved cleaning performance by using advanced technologies such as sensors and mapping, which allow the robot to navigate and clean even hard-to-reach areas.

    Cost savings:

    Using a Sparkoz robotic floor scrubber can lead to ongoing cost savings, as it can reduce labor costs, cleaning chemicals, and wear and tear on equipment. Additionally, the robot can work continuously and more frequently without breaks, thus the cost of cleaning is reduced which provides a faster ROI.

    Autonomous Floor Scrubbing Robot Revolutionizes School Cleanliness from K-12 to College.

    Our ground-breaking, fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot, TN70 is widely deployed by the world’s leading facilities, including schools, airports, warehouses, manufacturing sites, malls, universities and other commercial spaces worldwide.

    SPARKOZ is your manufacturing partner with a proven track record and reputation for quality, service, support, and training.

    Obstacle detection and avoidance.

    Our high-performance large-scale solution provides unbeatable productivity for large spaces.

    Discover the Top 4 Reasons Why People Choose Sparkoz Over the Competition

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      Discover the features that make TN70 the world’s best autonomous cleaning robot.

      The industry's first and only lidar + vision dual system fusion positioning and navigation system.

      Sensor matrix

      The self-developed super wide-angle depth camera is the exclusive realization of IEC60335, IEC63327 standards, which has an international leading advantage.